Over the years, our company has expanded exponentially. Through constant innovation and an unyielding desire to go the extra mile, we have managed to grow extensively into Dawood Mega Stores and Distribution.

Through these channels, we are able to deal with both logistics and marketing aspects of the business. This allows us to transcend the boundaries of merely selling products to offer more than a singular service offering. With us, you’re not just buying chicken, you’re investing in an opportunity to elevate your business to the next level on a continuous basis.

Although founded in 1947, we still aim to be at the forefront of our market sector. With this in mind, our stores are based around a modern concept, taking into account current day needs and expectations in order to create a pleasant shopping experience for our clients- leaving a lasting impact in the minds of consumers. We as a brand frequently update, innovate and pursue new ventures whilst maintaining a personal, approachable attitude.

Through the implementation of this thought pattern from the ground level up, we are able to satisfy modern day consumers whilst never deviating from our ethos of letting each individual know exactly how important their business is to us.

Have you tried our Rania House Brand?

A Royal Feast in Every Bite. An Aromatic blend of Exclusive spices and only the finest Ingredients go into Rania Range, with the belief that convenience should never come at the cost of Quality!

Our offerings:

In order to remain competitive, it is crucial that we incorporate new elements to our brand- elements which can further broaden our client base whilst possibly enticing new customers.
Our range of products is as follows:

• Chicken • Beef • Fish • Further processed goods • Vegetables

Why us?

Our organization is rapidly ascending in terms of experience, product improvement, knowledge and understanding. As such, all employees are skilled and trained in order to fully equip them with the necessary skills to benefit your brand.

The aforementioned individuals are tailor-made for the industry and aim to provide you with the best possible service required to generate maximum profitability. Not only this, but we believe in working with rather than for the client. Our company understands that all clients deserve nothing but the best- we aim to work in tandem with you every step of the way.

By doing this, we not only ensure that we are meeting (and exceeding) your brand expectations, but can work together to firmly establish your organization as head and shoulders above all competition.